July 22, 2019

Pasha Brands Makes Historic Submission to Ontario Cannabis Store

VANCOUVER, BC (July 22, 2019) – Pasha Brands Ltd. (“Pasha” or “Company”) (CSE: CRFT) (OTC:CRFTF) (FSE:ZZD), North America’s largest craft cannabis brand house, is pleased to announce that it has submitted a product application package to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). This application is the first of its kind for Pasha and reaffirms the company’s ability to bring quality craft cannabis products from recognized pre-legalization brands to market in an efficient and timely manner.

Brands included in the application package include: CBD Therapeutics (CBD isolates and oil formulations), Beard Brothers Collective (cannabis oils, vape pen inhalants, and shatter distillates), Theraveda (craft cannabis flower), Aurion (Craft cannabis gel capsules, distillates, and vape oil products), roll model (premium flower pre-rolls and vape oils), Grizzlers (sativa and indica flower pre-rolls), and Earth Dragon Organics (CBD-infused skincare and bath products).

“Submitting this application to the highly coveted and intensely regulated Ontario Cannabis Store signifies that Pasha Brands and its subsidiaries are more than ready to enter the legal market with these products, following changes to federal regulations,” said Dr. Brigitte Simons, Chief Scientific Officer at Pasha Brands, who oversaw the submission. “These brands were built by people with vision, and their narratives have been tried and tested, surviving the possibility of raids in the unregulated market and complete shutdowns since October 17, 2018. It’s time to bring these highly sought-after craft products to Canadians.”

Through Pasha’s numerous craft brands, it is offering the Province of Ontario, and soon, other provincial jurisdictions, the opportunity to access to its differentiated consumer-focused products from accomplished brands. Through its recently acquired Vancouver Island-based licensed producer, MedCann, currently undergoing a name change, Pasha is integrating production varieties of wellness-use craft products including pre-rolled premium flower, extracts, capsules, edibles, vaporizer oils, and topicals into its operations.

Tessa Serra, product manager at Pasha Brands and founder of Earth Dragon Organics, reacted to the news, saying, “I am delighted to see all of Pasha’s brands coming together, creating a robust offering of unique craft cannabis products. It is exciting to be part of the transition from the traditional to the new legal market, and I am hopeful our submissions to the Ontario Cannabis Store will bring craft access to an expanding network of people.”